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Fashion Forward PHS

The fashion at Petaluma High School includes a unique collection of styles and splashes of color. Everybody has their own look, whether it is street style or more chic and elevated. 

Style might vary because of certain ethical reasons, like the overuse of factories or unfair labor. For junior Emma Pontius, ethically sourced clothes are very important. “I mainly shop at thrift stores or on the online store Depop because I try not to support fast fashion. It's not very sustainable and there are a lot of issues with how most fast fashion is produced,” Pontius commented. She believes comfortable and sustainable fashion is the way to go. However, others choose to buy name brands, which helps differentiate fashion at our school.

 The creativity intertwined in each outfit contributes to the various styles seen at PHS. Isabella Villarreal, senior, and Alexander Kaiser, sophomore, feel that their style could change at any minute. “I like that I can change it whenever I want. I feel like I’m never restricted to looking one way,” said Villarreal. Some days, street style will be her preferred style, but other days she might switch it to chic. 

Kaiser bases his looks off of a certain element of his outfit: the footwear. “I feel like it starts with the shoes. Find shoes that really aren't that common — not basic, and then let the rest of the outfit flow with the shoes,” Kaiser explained. Being unique and “not basic” is a piece of criteria that many students keep in mind while choosing their outfits.

When it comes to classes, the juniors and seniors are at the top of the fashion sense pyramid. “I think that a really good portion of the juniors and seniors have really good fashion sense,” said Villarreal. Kaiser thinks “the juniors probably have the best wardrobe.” While underclassmen are still figuring out their style, the juniors and seniors have a style worth looking up to.


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