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Everest Indian Food

Moving to Petaluma last year was hard on me for many reasons, but one of my most harrowing struggles was finding a vegetarian-friendly Indian restaurant that I could actually enjoy. It turns out that the answer to my woes was only a brisk walk from my apartment: Everest Restaurant, which serves traditional Indian food as well as Nepalese and Tibetian dishes.

While waiting for your food to arrive, you will be served papadum, a crisp lentil flatbread. I recommend ordering a mango lassi or a masala chai if you are in the mood for a drink. Appetizer-wise, the veggie samosas with tamarind and mint chutney are delectable. Everest offers a wide variety of naan (Indian flatbread), and while they are all great, I recommend the potato-filled kind. As for the entree, my usual order is either matar paneer, which is cheese in a spiced tomato sauce, or apricot curry, a dish with various vegetables served in a sweet apricot sauce. The best lentil soup I have ever had is served with all entrees, but if the small bowl is not enough for you, order a larger bowl and salt to your heart’s content.

While the food is obviously the main attraction, the atmosphere will keep you coming back. The dining room is softly lit, the booths are comfortable and the people working are friendly. Everest was recently put under new management, but the employees quickly adapted and I hardly noticed the transitional period. The wait for receiving your order can be quite long at certain times due to crowds, so make sure to check the projected wait times online if you have not dined at Everest before.

The next time you are craving a change in your diet or you find yourself looking for an eatery downtown, make sure to try Everest Restaurant, located at 56 East Washington Street.

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