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Environment’s Impact On Our Health

Recently, a number of problems have arisen in the Petaluma community due to an unhealthy environment. One issue that has become more prominent is the poor air quality. California in general has received poor air quality due to factories such as Chevron that pollute the air as well as recent wildfires, but climate change also plays a big role.

Climate change causes the earth to get warmer every year, melting the ice caps and furthering the extinction rates of many animals. “Climate change definitely does [affect our health] because with the fires, we have seen those you can direct link back to the change in climate, we have much longer periods of drier conditions and the hot air and wind we see in the late fall as been accentuated by climate change, we’ve seen fires and smoke seasons,” explained Linda Judah, Petaluma High School biology teacher and HOSA advisor.

In addition to increasing Earth’s overall temperature, climate change also causes the pollen season to last 11-27 days longer. This affects people with allergies immensely.

Most factories burn fossil fuels to produce their products. Fossil fuels are used for gas, to keep the lights on in homes and power companies. One company that burns fossil fuels and uses coal in Petaluma is PG&E. PG&E uses gases such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and small hydro.  All the gases that they use are the main source of heating and being able to cook at home.


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