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Bathroom Vandalism

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Recently, the boys bathrooms on the Petaluma High School campus have been vandalized and damaged. Incidents include toilet paper covering the ground, vape packaging tucked into crevasses and even overflowing toilets filled with fecal matter. Although the boys of Petaluma High have repeatedly defiled the campus bathrooms, A-wing tends to get the worst treatment of all. This is most likely due to it being the most popular and frequently used bathroom in school.

“The students like to open the paper towel dispenser and throw the rolls,” said Head Custodian Mario Medeiros as he gave a tour of the A-wing bathroom. The boys bathroom issues started occurring more often last year and have only become more frequent since. For the sake of our janitorial staff and the cleanliness of our campus, staff are asking that behavior regarding bathroom use improves to become more respectful.


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