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ASB’s Influence On Winter Formal

Petaluma High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) meticulously plans every detail for events like Winter Formal with the intention of making each time more successful in student participation than the last.

For Winter Formal, ASB planned many steps to accommodate all the events leading up to the actual dance. Before the dance, ASB students are tasked with figuring out spirit ideas for the annual Winter Rally. When planning, ASB is required to arrange activities or games and make a script to read during the event. Rallies are a major part of bringing awareness to upcoming events like dances, alongside encouraging school spirit.

Before Winter Break, students created themes for the Winter Formal and they were voted on by everyone in ASB. Leadership students also focused on other core details such as promotion, tickets, set up, clean up and securing chaperones. ASB advertises the event via the use of social media, posters in the hallways and announcements on Trojan Live.

Sophomore Ryan Giacomini said, “Since last year, I feel like we’ve improved, because we have promoted our events better and started planning out details for events earlier.” The promotion process is very important because the profits made from ticket sales go towards the promoted dance and other upcoming events.

The class also gains profit and funds through parent donations and the optional student ID stickers bought at the beginning of every school year. These ASB stickers give students discounted prices on events and free access to home sports games. While the cost for every event is different, this year’s Winter Formal cost the ASB class about $500.

Every student in the ASB class has their own responsibilities for each event, although when it comes to Winter Formal, the juniors mostly take the lead on planning (because the seniors are busy planning February's GQ event). ASB students put in work and time outside of school by arriving early to events for set-up or staying late to clean up. Winter Formal is an event that many students of PHS cherish and ASB’s efforts can be seen in the end result.

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