Issue 2 Crossword Answers

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage"


3. Titular character of the franchise

  • Venom

5. (This clue was printed with a typo; it should have said lethal instead of legal) Cletus Kasady was sentenced to death by lethal ________

  • Injection

6. Religious site where Kasady and Barrison planned to wed

  • Cathedral


1. An entity with a mutually beneficial relationship with its host

  • Parasite

2. Frances Barrison's alter ego

  • Shriek

4. Venom's opposition

  • Carnage

"The Matrix Resurrections"


1. The subgenre of science fiction "The Matrix" (1999) is categorized as

  • Cyberpunk

3. The Prophet who helps freed humans

  • Oracle

5. The third Matrix film

  • Revolutions

6. The man who offers Neo the truth he seeks

  • Morpheus


2. Visual effect popularized by the first film (two words, no space)

  • Bullettime (bullet time)

4. The first Matrix sequel

  • Reloaded