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We are Petaluma High School's premiere newspaper staff. Toghether, our work provides award winning stories and visuals, giving our community an insight into Petaluma High School.

Sheriene Arikat is 16, soon to be 17 years old, and this is her fourth year in journalism. She is a senior and is excited to contribute as Co-Editor-in-Chief her final year. Arikat joined journalism her freshman year because she has a love for writing and taking pictures. She looks forward to taking pictures, making pages and writing stories that will help her classmates stay up to date on the latest news. Arikat hopes to help the class change for the better, as well as leave a long lasting legacy. She will bring perseverance, hard work, a good work ethic and a smile to each class. Other than having a passion for writing, Arikat plays basketball and helps coach the seventh and eighth grade girls basketball teams at the Petaluma Junior High School. She also has an obsession with reading, especially when she has a warm cup of coffee in hand. Arikat is looking forward to another fun year in the Trojan Tribune and is excited to see what the year has in store.

Sheriene Arikat

Editor in Chief

Sammie Woolley

Editor in Chief

17-year-old Sammie Woolley is a senior at Petaluma High School. Now a fourth-year journalism student, Woolley originally joined the class because she had previous experience in broadcast journalism as well as a passion for writing. Over the years, Woolley has developed talents across many aspects of journalism, not just writing. This means she can contribute many things to the class, such as editing, writing, research, fact checking, page design, photography, interviewing skills and basic leadership skills that she has been developing since sophomore year, when she became an editor. Woolley hopes to use the knowledge and talents she has gained to improve and further develop the Trojan Tribune, as well as to teach and lead her fellow student journalists as co? Editor in Chief this year. Although the publication was very successful at the Press Democrat High School Journalism Awards last year, she acknowledges that there is still much room for growth. Woolley hopes to continue to help the class create something that they can be proud of, but she also wants to place more of an emphasis on teaching fellow students who may have a potential passion for journalism, or just simply so that they can use the skills learned in this class in whatever field they end up pursuing. Woolley is looking forward to this year’s version of the Trojan Tribune, which will likely be shaped by the influence of the many new voices and perspectives in the class.

Lucy Decker

Head Page Editor

Lucy Decker is a 16-year-old junior attending Petaluma High School and is a third year Trojan Tribune member. Decker is a rower at North Bay Rowing Club and has been a rower for five years. She joined journalism to improve her general writing skills and to get to know about school events. She hopes to inform the school about up-and-coming and past events, as well as world events and news. Decker is looking forward to meeting new people and getting connected with the school community. Decker believes she will bring new opinions and perspectives to the class.

Honey Charlton

Head Editor

Honey Charlton is a 17-year-old senior at Petaluma High School. She is excited to be on staff for her fourth year because she wants to continue to take part in carrying on the wonderful tradition of the Trojan Tribune. Charlton is open to all aspects of the process that the production of the paper entails, writing, development, creative vision and more! She is especially looking forward to sharing the experience and knowledge she gained in her previous year of being the paper’s Financial Coordinator and alumni, Griffin Epstein’s, personal and mutually-assured linguistic specialist. Charlton decided to enroll in the class again because she enjoys seeing a physical representation of her hard work and spending time with her peer’s brilliant minds. Outside of school, Honey’s favorite place to relax and have a blast is Stinson Beach. 

Josephine “JoJo” Schnitzer, 17-year-old senior at Petaluma High has been taking the class for the past four years. Her hobbies include photography, meeting and communicating with new people and friends and expanding her views on how the world works. Schnitzer joined the class her freshman year because of recommendations from her friends and ended up meeting friends that have made a major impact on her high school life. Her hopes for this year are that the class can successfully put out their papers and bring in the attention of the school with visually appealing and interesting content. She is looking forward to teaching future journalists the skills that she was taught by those before her and opening their eyes to the many possibilities that the class entails.

Josehphine Schnitzer

Executive Director

Stella Schwappach

Sports Editor

Stella Schwappach is a 15-year-old sophomore at Petaluma High School. This will be her second year on the staff of the Trojan Tribune. Stella enjoys reading, writing and playing sports. Stella is taking this class to grow as a writer and to become a better photographer. She will be a sports writer and editor as well as a photographer at sporting events. Stella hopes to use her writing and photography skills to help the Trojan Tribune grow as a paper. She will bring her skills to the staff and use them to create stories that will resonate with the readers.

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